Finally! Done with Hunter X Hunter!

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Yay! I finally finished watching Hunter X Hunter, including the 3 OVA's. Those sleepless nights were worth it, lol. And most of all, I've finished it today, 5am this morning! Hopefully, I'll be able to have a regular sleep from now on. ^^

I liked OVA's 1 and 2 better, the graphics were so much better and it focused on Gon and Killua's friendship and training, sweet. Tehee ^^

But the end of the Greed Island was such a cliff-hanger! Gon and Killua was able to locate Ging using the "accompany" card, but it ended right there. T-T

When I read the manga, it says that it wasn't Ging at all, but Kaito! T-T (The hunter with the long hair in the first episode.) And it was all because Ging asked the lady in-charge at the greed island that if Gon chooses Magnetic Force, then she would take him to her, but if Gon uses Accompany, he asked her to take him to Kaito instead. T-T Poor Gon. Ging is such a shy person, lol.

I hope the next season of Hunter X hunter will be much better. I'll be waiting for it, it was announced that they'll be releasing it on January 2010! Can't wait! This anime really got me hooked! ^^

Sleepless Nights??

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I've been having sleepless nights due to my Hunter X Hunter fandom. I know right? It's so weird, hxh is so oldskool, but then again, it has captured my attention resulting to sleepless nights, as in literally, no sleep for 3 consecutive days already. I don't actually consider 2 to 3 hours as a sleep, it's more like a nap or siesta, whatever. Good thing I dun have school tomorrow, haha!

Still, I'm really tired. This afternoon, some of my classmates noticed I was sleepy at class, LOL. I really was, and I felt so wasted, my eye bags are getting worse. Tehee ^^

But I took some rest when I got home from school, but my head still hurts. LOL. I better have a good and normal sleep soon.

Or maybe NOT until I'm done with all the episodes, seriously, Gon and Killua makes it more interesting. ^^

Kawaii desu ne? LOL.

HunterXHunter.. again?!

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LOL. I can't help but laugh ay myself for watching and downloading hunter x hunter episodes, I'm so old school. Haha! But really, I can't help it, and it even makes me even more curious since I just found out that the manga itself isn't finished yet! >.<

I feel a little pissed, I just want Gon and his father, Jin, to meet already! But, oh well.. guess all I can do is wait and wait and wait.

Geeesh.. Killua looks so damn cool! hahaha!


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Yay! First entry on my new blog, this time, it's entitled, "Randomness", why? Dunno, maybe because I usually blog about random stuff and all. I have other blogs though, which I've started pretty much a long time ago. Four blogs to be exact, this is the fourth one. Tehee. :)

I'm Bianca btw, I decided to create a blog here because it has awesome features, lol.
So that's prolly it for now.

Bye bye!