Sleepless Nights??

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I've been having sleepless nights due to my Hunter X Hunter fandom. I know right? It's so weird, hxh is so oldskool, but then again, it has captured my attention resulting to sleepless nights, as in literally, no sleep for 3 consecutive days already. I don't actually consider 2 to 3 hours as a sleep, it's more like a nap or siesta, whatever. Good thing I dun have school tomorrow, haha!

Still, I'm really tired. This afternoon, some of my classmates noticed I was sleepy at class, LOL. I really was, and I felt so wasted, my eye bags are getting worse. Tehee ^^

But I took some rest when I got home from school, but my head still hurts. LOL. I better have a good and normal sleep soon.

Or maybe NOT until I'm done with all the episodes, seriously, Gon and Killua makes it more interesting. ^^

Kawaii desu ne? LOL.


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