Crows Zero I and II

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Yo! Happy New year again!
Ever heard of Crows Zero? I've heard about it last year but I didn't have time to download it. It's basically a kick-ass, action movie. Gangs and the like. Actually, Crows Zero I was released in 2007 and Crows Zero II in 2009. It is based on the mega-hit manga, CROWs by Takashi Hiroshi.  It also stars Oguri Shun!! :''> *fan-girl mode on*

Oguri Shun plays Takiya Genji, son of a Yakuza boss and then he enters Suzuran, an all-boys/violent high school. So for now, that's prolly it. I haven't seen it yet, still downloading. But it has good reviews and it grabbed the top spot at the Japanese box office , not to mention Oguri Shun winning a Best Actor award for this, so I thought I have to post it. Recommended for those action-film loving people out there. I don't really like action movies, but this is a different action film and the setting is at school. I actually don't know the difference, sorry. Anyway, I'll be back with a review after I'm done watching it.

Here's some photos. The posters speaks for itself, don't you think? *v*


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