Tokujo Kabachi!!

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Arashi's Sakurai Sho and Horikita Maki to star on 2010 Winter Drama entitled: Tokujo Kabachi!!

Compassionate yet meddlesome Tamura Katsuhiro (Sakurai Sho), who burns with a sense of justice, enters the admired world of notaries public to save his mother. Tamura in reality believes “law is not in the least just” but uses it as a weapon to save the weak. On the other hand, Sumiyoshi Misuzu (Horikita Maki), who used to be a delinquent youth, is a highly capable notary public. She hates to lose and dislikes men. Unable to accept Misuzu’s callous working style and nastiness, Tamura clashes with her over every little thing. At times, she yells at him but they gradually grow to understand each other, and mature as people and as lawyers.


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