Tokyo Dogs!

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Tokyo Dogs is about Takakura Sou, who witnessed his father's murder as a child. He became an elite cop and was based at New York, where Jinno, the one who killed his father is. Due to major drug dealings at Japan, he was sent back and there, he was teamed up with Kudo Marou, an optimistic, easy-going yet short-tempered detective. Both of them are very opposite, but fortunately, they always solve cases easily.

 Takakura Sou is played by Oguri Shun while Kudo Marou is played by Hiro Mizushima.

At first, I thought this was like a serious action drama, but I was sooo wrong. Lol. It's actually funny and exciting at the same time. I forgot to mention Matsunaga Yuki, the girl in the middle, played by Yoshitaka Yuriko. She's really cute. I think her role is the "key" in this drama, she lost her memories in the first episode, and is somewhat linked to the suspect, prolly Jinno. She's being targeted by criminals as well. That's why Sou and Marou were teamed up in the first place, to investigate her case and to protect her as well.

Anyway, I recommend this drama. It's really good. It's not like ordinary action dramas, this one has a sense of humor, you'll prolly laugh at each episode, especially when Sou and Marou argues. Lol. Not to mention, Oguri and Hiro's kakkoi-ness here! It's a must see!

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